Things Every Dallas Local MUST Do

As I was perusing my usual websites I ran across things every Dallas local must do on the D Magazine site. Some of the things in here are HILARIOUS, here were a few of my favs:

This is so sad, but so true. I went to SMU in the heart of Highland Park and those police are something else. Its like they get their jollies from pulling people over for the most random reasons. ESPECIALLY if you don’t look like you’re from around there. They are just plain mean.

Seriously, fuel city tacos are really good and cheap! This is a definite must!

I know a lot of  people have heard only bad things about Oak Cliff, but there are trendy vibrant neighborhoods  there! Especially the Bishop’s Arts District. I love going down there for First Thursdays. Every first Thursday of the month they have live music and a wine walk…music, wine and shopping?! That’s my kind of place.

Ok, this one is slightly offensive, but funny nonetheless. I love how in the excerpt they call the day laborers mustachioed men…really D Magazine?

For some odd reason the Stoneleigh P is famous for not serving fries or ketchup. It’s strange, but the food is good though.

This is by far my fav! No explanation needed here!

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