Pet Peeves: Improper Grammar

I know this is not my usual topic, but my blog is about image and part of your image is how you speak and your use of proper grammar. I’m sorry to say it but people judge you on the way you look and what comes out of your mouth. I’m not saying that you have to speak the Queen’s English but you have to speak correctly to be taken seriously, which leads me to my top grammar pet peeves. There is something about improper grammar that gets under my skin, I mean really gets under my skin, like nails on a chalk board. Here are the ultimate top three spoken grammar errors that drive me NUTS:

On Today vs Today

I don’t even know where to start with this one. ON today, ON yesterday or ON this week is not correct English, so stop it! Today, yesterday and this week do not need prepositions. It’s just idiomatic redundancy, plus it makes you sound like an idiot.  Just think about basic grammar rules for 2 seconds… please. Every time I hear someone say any of these phrases it makes me cringe and for some odd reason it seems the use of these phrases in particular is rampant in the black church. Even some preachers use these phrases in their sermons and/or while addressing the congregation! I know for a fact that these are educated brothers and sisters so I  just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a bad habit he or she picked up somewhere and they were never corrected, I’m not sure, but they need to stop! Ok, I’m done with my rant. But people, specifically black people for the love of God stop it!

Double Negatives

I know most people know not to use double negatives when in a “proper setting”, but for some reason I seem to hear it all too often.  It’s one thing if you are speaking slang with your friends, but it’s quite another if you are in a professional work or networking environment.  The phrase is not “they don’t have nowhere to go”  it’s “they don’t have anywhere do go”. The former just makes you sound uneducated.

Using big words

Ok, this one is not really a grammar error but a common sense error. Don’t try to use big words that you don’t know the meaning of, period. I have never understood why people do this. It doesn’t really make you sound smarter if you’re using big words all of the time. You actually come off a bit pretentious. It’s much better to speak poignantly about something in simple language than to butcher words that you can’t define. Just a little tip.

Remember your image is not just how you look, it’s what you say too. If you don’t believe me, ask somebody.

Here is a hilarious You Tube video I found on common written grammar mistakes. Check it out. This girl will crack you up.


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