Fabulous Eyebrows for $4

I usually get my eyebrows threaded every three to four weeks. Heena’s (on Beltline and 75) is the BEST PLACE IN DALLAS to get your eyebrows threaded. Some people ask me why I get my eyebrows threaded instead of waxed. It’s because when I get them waxed I get light colored boxes around my eyes for a few days. I look like an alien. Not cute. So before my work out I took a trip to Heena’s to get my eyebrows done. The best time to go is during the week. It’s usually packed on Saturdays.  The best girl in the shop is Kira. If you’re having trouble finding her or you are too shy to ask, she’s the one with the ba-donk-donk… lol. For real though, she does an amazing job. Here are a few pics from my visit:

Before the threading. Alex didnt really get a good close up, my eyebrows were a hott mess! I was about to go workout so excuse my attire and lack of makeup..

Don’t be fooled by that calm look on my face, this shit HURTS something serious, but it’s so worth it. And its only $4! and it lasts for 3 weeks to a month. Seriously you can’t beat that. ** Note: Heena’s has another location in Irving off of MacArthur, DON’T go there. They suck. I’ve been there three times and the severely jacked my eyebrows up every time. Just a word of caution.

Here is the finished product.

Kira did a good job huh?


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