One of Fashion’s Biggest Bloggers: Garance Doré


Say hi again or meet famous french fashion blogger: Garance Doré. She was interviewed on Jay-Z’s new website called Life and Time.

In most cases, fashion editors have pieces in their wardrobes that set them apart from their sartorial set. But collectively, they have one thing in common: Garance Doré. The French fashion blogger has been pioneering street-savvy style with lush photos, a mix of musings and must-haves peppered with illustrations for over four years on her site, clocking in some of the fashion world’s elite as daily readers. We caught up with Doré to find out a little more about her approach to style, creativity and blogging abroad.

Life + Times: What’s your go-to item of clothing?
Garance Doré:
Repetto ballerinas

L+T: What designer made you fall in love with fashion?
Yves Saint Laurent

L+T: How do you weave your illustrations into your editorial?
I write first and then I draw.

L+T: What makes you want to shoot a subject?
It’s a certain connection to a person or a place. If that person or place inspires me.

L+T: Which three people would write, design and narrate the book of your life?
GD: Woody Allen would write it, Dries van Noten would design it and Angelica Houston would narrate it.

L+T: What’s something you regret buying?
GD: Ice cream last night.

L+T: What’s the most fashionable place you’ve ever been?
GD: Anna Della Russo’s closet.

L+T: Who are three artists in your iPod that you’ll never take out?
GD: Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Destiny’s Child

Check out the rest of the interview or check out her blog



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