My New Workout Routine

As most of y’all know I compete in triathlons regularly to stay in shape and get my workout out on. This is the beginning of year 2 and now that it’s getting close to triathlon season so I’m training for my upcomig tri in June. I’m going to do an olympic distance this time. That’s a 1500 meter swim in lake, 24 mile bike ride and a 6 mile run. Yea, it’s pretty serious. Its a real tri, not my usual sprint ones. You need some serious endurance to get through this one. So needless to say my coach Iron Mary put me on a crazy ass training plan . Here is what I did last week:


4 mile run


8.4 mile bike

1.2 mile run


1970 yd swim


6 mile bike

1300 yd swim


(I was supposed to run 3 miles, but my allergies attacked me! )


12 mile bike
This was just week 1, the starter workouts, and I skipped 2 of them and didn’t do any weight training. It only gets harder from here. Needless to say my body hurts, but it’s a good pain that lets me know that I’m getting better. The workouts aren’t as hard to get through this week (week 2) and I find myself getting faster. I want to be competitive, not just barley making it. In addition to physical endurance, triathlons mainly about mental toughness. I’m really working on that. It’s all about making your body do what your mind tells it to do.  If you want to keep track of my training or just chat about working out, follow me on daily mile.


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