Vacation Hair Care

If you’re anything like me, when you’re on vacation your hair is the last thing you want to worry about. In the past, when I had a relaxer, I would usually get a sew in before I left for vacation especially if I was going to be in the water. The is nothing worse then messing with your hair for hours to look presentable for a night out on the town after a day at the beach. This is my first vacation with longer natural hair. Last year on vacation, my natural hair was super easy to maintain, it  was short and a breeze to comb through. All I had to do was a simple wash and go and run my fingers through it and done. It wasn’t that easy this time around since my hair is mid length.

I was in and out of the pool, spa, hot tub, driving in a convertible, etc so needless to say my hair turned into a matted mess as you can tell from this pic below.

It took me close to an hour to detangle it after neglecting it for a week and a half. Although I did manage to apply my daily moisturizer and ayurvedic oil every other day to keep it from drying out, that was all I did. I kept it in a pony puff most of the time because it was just all over the place. If I would have thought ahead, I should had conrowed it and brought my wig.  That would have solved all of my hair woes. Def for the next vacation!


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