Hot Look: Midi Skirts and Long Skirts

Lately I’ve been completely obsessed with midi skirts and long skirts. They are right on trend for the spring and the summer and they are super cute and comfy. Personally, I hate wearing pants so whenever a new skirt trend comes out, I’m all over it! So I was a little biased towards this trend from the jump… Midi and long skirts give a very carefree hippy chic vibe to me. You can dress them up or dress them down.  If you’re a baller on a budget, the thrift store is a gold mine for finding great skirts with unique patterns. I’ve gotten a few from my favorite thrift store St. Vincent de Paul for less than $4. You can’t beat that! Here are a few cute ones I found on

Unfortunately, this trend is not for everyone. Sorry short girls! This trend looks best on girls with a little height. I usually wear my pattered midi or long skirt with a very simple T-shirt and some kind of jean jacket. Then, I add a bunch of funky accessories. These skirts also look good worn high waisted with cut off shirts. The key to pulling this look off without looking frumpy or dated is to pair the skirt with modern tops and accessories. If you have a vintagy skirt, plus a vintagy shirt and shoes you run the risk of looking dated. Try going for unexpected pops of color. That will keep your ensemble young, fresh and modern.  Keeping these few tips in mind, you can pull together a trendy summer look in no time!

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2 Responses to “Hot Look: Midi Skirts and Long Skirts”
  1. Guiseeves says:

    That skirt on the bottom right is the exact skirt that is on the Saks trend alert!! I have been wearing these type of skirts to work alot lately instead of pants!!

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