Hair Formula 37 Follow Up

A month ago, I decided to veer from my usually hair vitamin, B complex, to try something called Hair Formula 37. On the site it claimed to help your hair grow 2 times faster. Plus, my friend said she tried it and it worked really well for her. I was sold! I ordered a one month supply for $50 (ouch) and started taking the 8 pills a day! It was a major pain in the ass. I took them faithfully for about 2 weeks until something strange happened. One night I wasn’t able to sleep. I can always go to sleep! Sleeping is one of my hobbies..for real.  Then, the next night the same thing happened, I couldn’t get to sleep until 5am and only slept for 2 hours at that. I couldn’t put my finger what was up. I wasn’t stressed and nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Then I wondered if it could be my beloved new hair vitamins. I stopped taking them that day and that night I slept like a baby. I was so sad and alarmed at the same time. I wondered what the hell was in those vitamins to make me not be able to sleep! About a week later, I wondered if maybe the whole incident was a fluke so I started taking my Hair Formula 37 again. Two days later, I had insomnia again!  That was the last straw. I was too through. I was mad that I wasn’t going to be able to finish my one month supply. What a waste of money! But I did see some significant hair growth! In the 2-3 weeks I took the vitamins my hair probably grew ½ inch. No joke. It was crazy! But I think the risks outweighed the benefits in my case. If I kept taking the vitamins sure my hair would be super long by the end of the year, but what were those pills doing to my body? I’m trying to get better with living a holistic lifestyle using natural products, etc and this product, although amazing, would have unknown effects on my body and my sleep patterns and it was a risk I wasn’t willing to take just to speed up my hair growth.


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