Getting Married? There’s an App for That

These days there are apps for everything! Literally, games, apps that organize your life, apps that make funny sounds, apps that choose your restaurant, etc.  All I need now  is for an app to clean my freakin’ house! One of my friends brought wedding apps to my attention. Although, I’m not in the process of planning a wedding, I have a few friends who are and this could be ridiculously handy tool!  These apps have to do lists, guests list management, dress inspiration, potential honey moon destinations, you name it. They range from $10 to free. Check it out!

iWedding Deluxe is the best of the best, it has everything. There are tools to track and organize everything and even a tool to find nearby vendors.  It’s only set back is that its $10…

Brides Wedding Genius 2.0 is of course my favorite because it puts all of the latest wedding dresses and styles in one place! And its FREE99!

Wedding Budget is the app every bride should have, but doesn’t want. It helps you track where all of your (or your parent’s or fiance’s) hard earned money is going…

Check out the top 10 list here at


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