Lady Gaga’s Outfit at the CFDA Awards Didn’t Dissapoint

Lady Gaga accepted the CFDA fashion Icon award last night and her outfit was nothing short of amazing. I use that term very loosly and in a Lady Gaga context. She wore a custom Mugler outfit and 24-inch  platforms. Per her usual, she had to be helped down the red carpet due to her monsterous heels. Behold Lady Gaga….

Truthfully, I actually like the dress itself. It’s a tad out there, but its cute. I could see Rihanna rocking something like this..

Her makeup was actually nice. I liked it, minus the wig.

She accepted her award on stage wearing a spiked thong. WOW. What would happen if that thing got turned around while she was walking? I’m just asking the question everyone was thinking…

This is her after party outfit. I think she is a not so secret nudist….


2 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s Outfit at the CFDA Awards Didn’t Dissapoint”
  1. alexandria says:

    Girl! She just took megan good’s sheer legging look and Gaga it.. side eye on that afterparty look. I guess she got hot huh?

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