Lace Front Wig Tutorial

So, I purchased a new wig! Yay! It’s a lace front from the black owned beauty supply called Beauty For You here in Dallas (well, Grand Prairie) and the store owner, Charmaine hooked me up.

Here is a pic of me and Charmaine at the store

As I was browsing her selection of wigs, I was telling her that I wanted something that had the blown out look. Something that looked like it could be my hair if I blow dried it out and laid it down a bit.  Back in my weave days, I used to really LOVE  Bohyme Egyptian wave because it had that look.

Here is a pic of the hair on the site I used to order it from

This is me with the same hair, except shorter and curled with a big curling iron to form waves

This is my friend and fellow weaveologist Crystal (who is also a great stylist BTW check her out here) fixing my weave before graduation

It was soo cute and it had that natural fluffiness to it that made it look real. I’ve been searching high and low for a wig that looks like that and I found something pretty close at Beauty for You! The owner ran to the back and pulled out this wig for me…

It’s by this new company called Kalore. It was about $50.  Initially, I was afraid because I haven’t really seen someone with a good lace front on in a long time, but I thought  with a little adjusting I could make it cute!

The wig is called the Shakira. It really does look like the black girl version of Shakira’s hair!

This is the real Shakira and her hair..Kalore got it pretty close dont you think?

Here is me trying the wig on for the first time in the beauty supply. It obviously needed “fixing” but it was still pretty cute before I even did anything to it!

The wig by itself…

The lace front part of the wig…

The first thing I did was cut the lace as close to the wig hair line as possible

Then, I cornrowed my hair so the wig would lay flat. Don’t make fun of my raggedy braids. I have NO cornowing skills..

I left some hair out at the top so I could push the wig back a little to make it look more real. I think it looks bad when a wig is right over your hair line so you can’t see any baby hair or scalp. That’s what makes it look obviously fake.

I did a side part in my hair where I usually put it when I wear my hair straight.  I blow dried and lightly flat ironed my hair so it would match the texture of the wig, then I put a little shea butter in it and braided it so it so my hair would match the wave of the hair of the wig. Then, I cut the wig a little shorter and thinned it out a bit. Well, my friend Crystal did the cutting for me this time because I didn’t want to mess this wig up!

Here is the finish product.

What I did: I placed the wig on my head and scooted it back a bit so my hair was out a little bit at the top.  Then, I parted the wig so it lined up with the part in my hair. I placed a few bobby pins in there so it wouldn’t move and voila!

The key to wearing a wig is all about the hair line. If you can’t see your scalp or hair a little bit at the top, it’s a dead giveaway at your wearing a wig.  You can’t tell where my real hair stops and the wig starts…

Here is a close up. Now you can see the difference in textures. The wig starts about an inch back. Another little trick I used to make everything blend together was a little bit of makeup on the lace part so it would match my scalp. I just used a dab of concealer and an angled brush and worked it into the lace part and up through the part in my real hair. That way you cant see the line where my scalp stops and the lace part starts.

Here is a before and after. Although in the before picture the wig is placed on top of my giant fro, the adjustments I made make it look more real. I tricked a lot of people.  Everyone thought I had just blow dried my hair out…which is exactly what I wanted them to think! If you have any questions about this post or fixing wigs in general, leave a comment below or email me and I’ll get back to you..

Now there is no excuse for wearing bad wigs any more. I’ve given step by step instructions and my email address to answer any and all of your questions. Now go forth and spread the wig gospel…

3 Responses to “Lace Front Wig Tutorial”
  1. Your wig looks great. I used to wear wigs back in the day and I loved them. They always looked like they were growing out my scalp. But now when I go to shop for a wig, I can’t find one that looks too “wiggy”. This post makes me want to hit up the local BSS and find a wig! You look lovely in yours!

    • imagemaven says:

      Thanks girl. Well you know there are tons of tricks for making wiggy wigs look less wiggy…you can wash and brush them out. Soak them in an ACV and water bath, use some baby powder to lessen the shine, etc

  2. Sophia says:

    Girl!!! What a great post!!!! I’m from Canada my name is Sophia! I review Kalore wigs in 3 videos on YouTube and I recently review Shakira in colour 613!!! Check out my channel! YouTube/user/dakotaandneah great blog I’m gonna follow you!!!!! 🙂

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