The Next Undiscovered Fashion Capital: Dallas, Texas

I found this article on the while doing my daily blog positing. Do you think its true? Hmmm I donno…

Dallas is a treasure trove of undiscovered fashion gems. Dallas knows fashion and has its own unique approach to it. While fashionistas are familiar with fashionable U.S. cities like New York and L.A., Dallasites have put their best lures out in their own local fashion industry. While Dallasites enjoy shopping well known high-end brands, they know that Dallas is the place to find a treasure of undiscovered fashion and couture. Whether buying a one of-a-kind garment or an artsy creation, they love to gather around and support their own designers and fashion minded talent within Dallas; it’s the way of the South!

Dallas fashion is not defined by its malls, but re-defined by the talented and beautiful people who live and work in and around the Dallas fashion industry. With more and more gifted fashion designers and savvy fashion merchandisers emerging each season, it’s no wonder Dallas is getting more media attention.

Its classy style mixed with global trends and “southern-grown” hospitality and creativity make couture look easy. Dallas has entered a new era where the season trends are inspired by global trends, but interpreted by local designers and stylists to suit a casual elegant public. The term, “Dallas fashion” is being used more and more. Google it and you will see Dallas fashion, Dallas fashion events, Dallas fashion week, Dallas fashion blogs, etc. The term and exposure is popular within the walls of the Dallas market. Though we know that Dallas fashion is here to stay there is no doubt that Dallas fashion is getting noticed so much that it’s taking a place in the present and future halls of U.S. fashion and perhaps even beyond.

While there are many Dallas fashionista notables, key people like Heidi Dillon, Jan Strimple, Shirin Askari, and several others in the industry are a large part of the many reasons why the media and fashionistas around the U.S. are taking notice.

And now, in walks a fashion savvy Dallas diva; Bri Crum. How else do you describe a trendy Dallas fashionista, mother and business woman all rolled into one? Say no more and no need for a formal introduction. Bri Crum is a media mogul in her own right, but still down-to-earth so that you’ll feel like you’ve known her a life time. She is an ambitious lady and a tough cookie. With a fresh fashionable flair, she too is attributing to the vibrancy and vitality of Dallas fashion.

The question is who really is Bri Crum? If you have not met her, here is a sneak-peek into a new Dallas icon. Bri is full of spirit and I am blessed to know her and call her friend. When I first met Bri, I liked her right away. We were both two women with a passion for the heart of fashion. Our light-hearted business conversation told me a lot about her. Now you’ll see why this lovely lady is helping lead the way for all Dallas fahionistas right here in Dallas TX. Bri’s new business, Plan B, is a rising star and is the new talk of the town!

Rocio: Bri, who is Plan B?

Bri: PLAN B PR is a fashion, culture and lifestyle PR Firm.

Rocio: What inspired the name and the business?

Bri: The business is inspired by all of my clients and the world of arts, fashion and lifestyle brands. My mom always taught me to have a PLAN B in life…it just worked! 

Rocio: That’s brilliant Bri,  can you share the type of events you plan?

Bri: We plan events in which help our clients meet their goals. Technically we are a PR firm…but events go hand-in-hand with PR and Marketing. What sets us a part form other PR Firms is the fact that we go beyond doing events and do the marketing too!

Rocio:  That is a good point because a huge part of meeting an event goal involves public relations and marketing! What type of events do you cover in Dallas and the surrounding areas?


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