Full Figured Fashion Week

The third annual full figured fashion week starts this Thursday in New York.  It’s like the regular new york fashion week, except with girls who aren’t stick figures. Full figured fashion week was created to celebrate women with curves in fashion and offer them well made, affordable, unique clothing options that don’t look like crap.

“Plus-sized women’s fashion is virtually ignored by society,” says Deb Malkin, owner of the Brooklyn boutique ReDress. “Full Figured Fashion Week is a chance to pay respect to the creativity in plus-size design.”

(Read the rest of the article here)

My 2 Cents

I think it’s awesome that a large group of designers are paying attention to full figured women because the reality is that not everyone is a size 2. Hell, no one is a freakin’ size 2! Although the typical runway fashions come in larger sizes, designers still choose to highlight the rail-thin aesthetic in the majority of fashion shows, pictorials, ads and magazines around the world. For years I’ve heard the reason that runway models are so skinny is because they “fit the clothes”. Did it ever occur to these designers to create their runway looks in larger sizes?! I mean it doesn’t take that much extra fabric to make something that was a size 2 a size 6 or 8. Plus, the clothes would then appeal to a larger demographic of women which equals more money for the designer. That’s what they care about right? It’s a win-win situation.

Glorifying these super skinny models has taken a collective toll on many womens’ self esteem. Even the ones that don’t want to admit it. We are surrounded by this elusive “standard of beauty” and everyone is trying to live up to it in their own way, myself included. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to look nice (I’m an image consultant for a freakin living lol) but why do we have to be a specific size or shape to be considered beautiful?! And if we’re not the right size, we are automatically shamed into thinking there is something wrong with our body.  Being a woman is hard enough; trying to build a career, dealing with corporate america, sexism, glass ceilings, children, boyfriends/husbands while trying to be super woman all with a smile on our face. And on top of that if you’re not a certain size you have zero unique, creative, affordable clothing options. There is something wrong here and it’s not us…It’s the fashion industry. They are going to have to evolve with women’s wants and needs or no one will buy their clothes. Period. The End.  If enough women speak up, take action, get support and organize things like full figured fashion week we would be able to make some real change.

Check out my upcoming posts for highlights from full figured fashion week


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