In the Mood Nail Polish Reivew

Months and months ago I ordered some nail polish from It’s supposed to change colors with the temperature of your fingers nails, like a mood ring, get it?  When I initially saw it,  I loved the concept and I HAD to order some asap.  Plus, it was only $8 so I ordered 2 colors.

First, it took forever to come. So long  that I had forgotten about it, until about 2 months later. I had to email them to track down my order and it finally arrived a week later. I tried the Guilty first and it didn’t work! I was so bummed and 2 seconds from shipping it back when I decided to try Naughty. It turned out soo cute!

It turns yellow when it’s warm or room temperature

And orange when it’s cold

I dipped 2 fingers in cold water and the other 2 on warm water so you could see the contrast.

I LOVED it until it started chipping the very next day. By the end of day 2, my polish was completely destroyed. I was so sad. I really liked watching the colors change throughout the day. I even put 2 top coats on it. Nothing kept that polish on my nails. Alas, I think I’m going to send Guilty back since it didn’t work. Next time, I think I’ll try Naughty on my toes. Maybe it will stay put better there.


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