Rachel Zoe’s Collection at Neimans

The current queen of fashion, Rachel Zoe’s line is finally available at Neiman Marcus. As expected, her stuff is nothing short of fabulous.  The line is literally the personification of her through clothes. Here are some of my faves that *Rachel Zoe voice* “I’d die” for…

Just in case you were wondering about the price points

  • Pants are $275
  • Blouse $295
  • Jacket $425

Vest $225

  • Jacket $525
  • Pants $375

Cape $625

Dress $225

Her shoes are pretty cute too.

She also has some handbags, but they were ehh, just ok. To me at least. Overall, I think its a nice collection. Now if someone would just let me borrow their Neiman’s card to to pick up a few things…Shameika, steal Chantel’s card for me. Thanks!


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