Fashion on a Budget

Love to shop, but have no $$? Unfortunately this is a harsh ( I use this word lightly) reality for a growing number of women. When the economy took a dive so did the majority of consumers’ discretionary spending budgets. Honestly, when you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay all of the bills, shopping isn’t really at the forefront of your mind. And if your finances didn’t take a serious hit, then you are probably on the dreaded B word…BUDGET. I HATE that word, not to mention I suck at it. The only way I can curb my shopping is to not go to the mall. Period. It’s like not keeping fattening foods in your house. If you don’t tempt yourself, resisting the urge becomes easier. Well, at least that’s what I told myself….My problem is that I overspend when I go shopping.  I won’t just buy one thing, I want all of the things I like. Here are a few tips for stretching a tight shopping budget:

1. Thrift shopping

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my love for thrift shopping. Not only can you stay wayyy under budget, but you get unique pieces that no one else has.

2. Estate sales

Check your local paper for these hidden gems. Although these are more hit or miss, I’ve gotten some amazing things at a few estate sales.

3. Discount & second hand stores

If you don’t know by now, TJ MAXX, Ross, Platos Closet, Buffalo Exhange, Nordstom Rack, etc. have great stuff! Don’t frown up your nose just because they are sometimes a little un organized. If you want to find a good bargain, hitting up these places is a must.

4. Clothing Swap

If you have absolutely no extra cash to buy anything new, try swapping clothes, accessories and/or shoes with some of your stylish friends. That way, you both get something new to wear for free99…

5. BFFs!

Hit up your friends that work in retail. Use their employee discount! I have one BFF that works at SAKS so I can use her awesome discount anytime. Another friend of mine works at Anthropologie and she can choose one friend to get her employee discount and that friend would be ME! I get 30%-40% off at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People. Pretty sweet, huh?

Don’t be jealous, I’ll get you something too. … for a small fee… j/k lol

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