Barney Frank, Let Me Be Your Stylist…

As I was watching my nightly news round-up, I flipped to MSNBC to watch Lawrence O’Donnell talk about the debt debate, the piece of crap bill the house passed yesterday, etc. when one of my favorites, Democratic Congressman Barney Frank came on to give his two cents. I love Barney Frank because he speaks his mind and is very intelligent, but most people can’t see that through his missing teeth, CRAZY lisp and disheveled appearance. Case and point…

This guy is on camera ALL of the time. Doesn’t he have handlers to comb his hair or straighten his tie? I mean come on. He makes enough money to hire a stylist. Honestly, I would VOLUNTEER to style ol’ Barney. He needs it that much. If I could write him a letter this is what it would say…

Mr. Frank,

I think you are awesome. I know how passionate you are for sharing your political views and I am one of your fans. As a professional image consultant, I think that if you enhanced your look it would go a long way to boost your career and personal life. I wouldn’t dress you like some twenty something. I would just make you look like the best version of yourself. I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or not, but if you do I’m sure he would love to see you looking nice and if you don’t I’m sure you could catch one after I get done with you…Think about it and drop me a line

Boom. Simple and to the point…

Maybe he’ll contact me. I’ll be waiting Mr. Congressman…

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2 Responses to “Barney Frank, Let Me Be Your Stylist…”
  1. guiseeves says:

    That’s funny, why is his tie crooked

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