Add Some Va Va Voom to Your Look a la the Movie Burlesque

My current obsession right now it the movie Burlesque starring Christina  Aguilera.

Since lovely BF abandoned me on Friday night ( Ok, he really didnt, his best friend came in town and they hung out) and I didnt really feel like going out and my friends occupied with their BF’s, I decided to rent a movie. I know  its kind of lame to be watching movies by myself on Friday night but that’s what I felt like doing.

I’d been wanting to see Burlesque, but I didn’t make it to the theater before it went to DVD 😦  I love musicals, ESPECIALLY “Chicago style” ones.

Needless to say I LOVED the movie, but more so I loved the singing, dancing, makeup and costumes.  I watched it a million times and I even downloaded the sound track. I’m a little ashamed of myself. I told y’all I was obsessed! Its my secret fantasy to be a performer even though I have no singing or dancing talent whatsoever… I still think it would be amazing! Anyways, here are some of my favorite looks and costumes from the movie.

Here are a few of the actual costumes she wore…

I especially loved  Christina in this role because not only is she crazy talented she can really pull off that burlesque, vintagey look.

Now, in real life Christina has covered the fashion spectrum. Case and point…

In my personal opinion she looks best with the kind of vintage glam looks and platinum blonde hair. I love this look, it reminds me of the 50’s. To me, it’s the epitome of sexy and feminine with lots of makeup, dramatic hair and classic silhouettes. Although all of us aren’t able to rock this exact look here are a few simple ways to add some va va voom to your daily look.

Sexy red lips

Now be CAREFUL with this one. There are different shades of red for different skin tones and different occasions (i.e. work, party, etc) If you are unsure consult a professional. I recommend stopping by your local MAC counter. Tell them what you’re looking for and be specific. Those fabulous ladies ( and a few fellas) will be sure to find the perfect shade of red just for you. Adding a red lip instantly glams up any outfit you have on.

Sky high heels

A pair of sexy heels can add a little va va voom to even the most boring outfits. Just don’t get too sexy with it at work ladies…then you will attract the wrong kind of attention. But out side of work do your thang…

Dresses that accentuate your shape

Nothing is sexier than a woman tastefully highlighting her assets in a flattering dress. Sexy doesn’t have to mean skin tight either. Take the time to pin point your body type and experiment with clothes to find best silhouettes that flatter your shape and make you feel sexy.


Looking good is not only about how you put yourself together, but about your attitude. If you feel confident and sexy you will exude that and people will notice. Adding va va voom to your look is a mind set too!

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