DIY Acrylic Nails with Colored Acrylic Powder

This is my second attempt at doing my own acrylic. Since last time I had such a hard time painting, I opted for some colored acrylic powder this time. Here is what I used.

I’ve been doing my nails so much I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. My nail box has enough crap in there to open a small nail store! Anyone want to come to Whit Whit’s nails?! Full set = $20…

I bought this colored acrylic powder from Sally’s for $12.99. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures my camera wasn’t working.

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In an attempt to be cost efficient,  I reused the left over nails from the Kiss Acrylic set I tried the other week. I figured since I was using colored powder it wouldn’t matter if I used white tips..

I also bought some new nail glue for $.99 to make sure my nails stayed on this time! I carefully measured and stuck the tips on…Then, I followed the same steps from my nail tutorial last week and….

BOOM. Not perfect, but pretty good if you ask me.

It’s been a full seven days and they still look great. I’m getting better! Next time, I will use a different brand of colored powder though, this one kind of sucked.


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