Stylish Interview Attire

The other day ran across this post about interview outfits  from and I HAD to comment.

I’m sorry, the only way this would EVER be an appropriate is if you were interviewing for a fashion magazine. And the skirt is still WAY too short. I mean I like the color combo, but red booties to a corporate interview? Really? You would not be taken seriously. Now y’all know I’m all about fashion, but I live in the real world with a corporate job and corporate clients. There is absolutely no way.

A great REALISTIC mofication to this outfit would be something like this…

A classic black pencil skirt, a blousey cream shirt tucked in and a fitted camel blazer. For a little bit of color, a burgundy shoe and an option of classic, yet professional bag. This is still “interview neutral” but you have some classic style and flare.

If you want something a little more casual and playful but still professional try this…

A navy blue skirt, pop of color in the yellow shirt and a neutral, yet stylish jacket to tone down the look paired with nude pumps. Just a few suggestions if you want to spice up your boring old black suit interview attire…

2 Responses to “Stylish Interview Attire”
  1. Fabulous suggestions. I love the drapey pencil skirt they have pictured to the right of the interview outfit, though.

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