How Does Stress Affect Your Workout?

As I’ve said time and time before, your overall health has a HUGE impact on your image. Working out is a great way to fight diseases and look good. But if you’re stressed out then that could potentially have a negative affect on your workout and inturn your image… If you’re anything like me then stress affects your workout. When I’m stressed out all I want to do is lay in my bed with a glass of wine and watch TV FOREVER…I guess that’s by way of checking out without being too counterproductive. When I feel like this, the last thing I want to do it go for a ________ (fill in the workout blank – run, swim, bike, etc.) For example, yesterday I was feeling pretty crappy, but I knew I had to get a run in especially since my run on Saturday was horrible. On my way to the Katy Trail I was thinking “Geez, I don’t feel like doing this”, “this sucks”, “maybe I can do it tomorrow”, etc. Ultimately, I made myself go. As I was running I turned on my trusty iPod. Usually I listen to my Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas playlist, but for some reason I was in a Jill Scott mood and started listening to her latest album. The first song is called Blessed. It talks about how she feels blessed by the little things in life, waking up, having a healthy child, etc. and how through all of the crap she goes through she has to remember that she’s extremely blessed. Naturally, I started thinking about my own situation and although some of the problems I’m facing are big, I’m still blessed. Then, like magic my run got better,  as soon as I switched my mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  So maybe that’s the answer. When you’re feeling stressed and need to get a workout in try to switch your negative thoughts to positive ones. It works. After you’re done, all of the endorphins your body released from your workout session will kick in and you’ll be in a better mood for sure! Try it!


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