The Charlie Sheen Brand

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the Charlie Sheen interview or at least seen the news reports. This guy is the definition of nuts, but if you think about it he has kind of branded himself as the crazy, erratic, drug binging, play boy.   Charlie Sheen will never be a “normal” celebrity … Continue reading

Do designer collections for the mass market cheapen the brand?

The announced yesterday that Karl Lagerfeld (the designer for Chanel) will be creating a mass market like for Macy’s. It will include everything from jeans to party dresses.  In the past, there have been a ton of high-end designers jumping on the mass market bandwagon. Just to name a few: Vera Wang for David’s … Continue reading

IaM Consulting on Facebook

Sorry if some of you guys are getting the message multiple times. This is my one and only shameless plug for my new facebook page for my company, IaM Consulting. Like my group to receive information about the business and how to stay fab! Like my page here. Thanks!

Gap’s new logo *update*

Surprise Surprise, confirms that Gap is supposed to be returning to its original logo today. The announcement is supposed to be at 4:30 pacific on the company’s facebook page. Pat on the back for Gap for listening to its consumers… If you haven’t heard about Gap’s logo fiasco check out my original story here.

Gap’s new logo

I know I usually talk about fashion, but this blog is dedicated to everything image and that included branding as well… If you haven’t heard yet, Gap quietly unveiled its new logo last week and soon after pandemonium ensued and not the good kind. Bloggers, design firms, everyone had an opinion about it. Basically they … Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Tip: Professional Collateral

As I’ve gotten involved in the blogging world the last few weeks I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of bloggers are entrepreneurs/business owners too.  As an entrepreneur myself, I thought how can I help through my area of expertise? Then it came to me (at happy hour, of course lol)  I will give … Continue reading

Why Microsoft shoud ONLY make computers

So I know you have all seen the incessant commercials about Microsoft’s new phone the Kin. You know, the one where the girl finds out about a concert through her social media updates on the phone and tells her friends and jumps in a cab to see the concert… Although I do have to give … Continue reading