How Does Stress Affect Your Workout?

As I’ve said time and time before, your overall health has a HUGE impact on your image. Working out is a great way to fight diseases and look good. But if you’re stressed out then that could potentially have a negative affect on your workout and inturn your image… If you’re anything like me then … Continue reading

Working Out in the Heat

If you train for triathlon’s or hate working out in the gym all of the time, it’s inevitable that you will have to work out outside. With temperatures getting hotter with each passing day (especially here in Texas) ,you have to take a few precautions to avoid hurting yourself. 1. Acclimate to the heat Start … Continue reading

My New Workout Routine

As most of y’all know I compete in triathlons regularly to stay in shape and get my workout out on. This is the beginning of year 2 and now that it’s getting close to triathlon season so I’m training for my upcomig tri in June. I’m going to do an olympic distance this time. That’s … Continue reading

My First Half Marathon

Today I’m running my first half marathon at white rock lake. I’m so excited/ nervous! It’s not like I’m going to win any prizes or anything. I’m super slow. I’m just trying to finish. Wish me luck!

Fabulous Fitness

What do you usually wear when you work out? I usually don’t look too cute. My workout uniform is a pair of sophie shorts with whatever old t-shirt is clean. Not too horrible, but not too great especially since I’m an image consultant. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t see the point in getting … Continue reading

Mixing up your workout routine

I decided to write a post dedicated to fitness since I’m doing my 3rd triathlon this morning. Wish me luck! I know working out is a serious pain but it’s necessary and if you are anything like me you have to keep it interesting or you will end up sitting on your couch thinking about … Continue reading

My workout routine

As y’all know from the previous post. I don’t really like to work out.  Wait I’m lying..I hate it, but it’s necessary.  My workout routine right now is training to  compete in sprint triathlons which consist of the following 300 meter swim 12 mile bike and a 3 mile run. and the BEST part, finishing! … Continue reading

Working out, a necessary evil

Even though we all hate it (well a least I do) working out is important. It has everything to do with your personal and professional image. I’m not saying you need to be Hollywood skinny (that’s not a good look anyway) ,but being a healthy weight an size helps improve your confidence.  Besides just getting … Continue reading