DIY Acrylic Nails with Colored Acrylic Powder

This is my second attempt at doing my own acrylic. Since last time I had such a hard time painting, I opted for some colored acrylic powder this time. Here is what I used. I’ve been doing my nails so much I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. My nail box has enough crap in there … Continue reading

DIY Acrylic Nails

In an effort to be more budget conscious, I gave up my long standing (12 years to be exact) relationship with the nail shop. I would visit the shop religiously to make sure I got my ‘nails did’. But, when I graduated from college and started paying bills, saving, building a business, investing, etc. I … Continue reading

Sephora Locations Open In house Nail Salons

Word on the street is that Sephora will be opening mini spas  (i.e nail salons) inside their New York and San Francisco stores. They will be doing complete mani’s & pedi’s!  Hopefully that will spread to the Dallas stores in the near future. Can you imagine trying all of the latest make-up, purchasing the make-up … Continue reading

In the Mood Nail Polish Reivew

Months and months ago I ordered some nail polish from It’s supposed to change colors with the temperature of your fingers nails, like a mood ring, get it?  When I initially saw it,  I loved the concept and I HAD to order some asap.  Plus, it was only $8 so I ordered 2 colors. … Continue reading

Sally Hansen Salon Effects New Fall Patterns!

If you didn’t know already, I’m a HUGE fan of Sally Hansen’s salon Effects. Check out my previous posts here.  They are quick, easy and super cute. They have released 5 new spring colors and patterns. Check it out! I can’t wait to try them and report back!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Collide-o-Scope

As y’all know for the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects. This time I tried the Collide-o-Scope pattern and you already know what I’m going to say. I love them! Look how cute! Please ignore my  short nubby nails. I have a hard time keeping them a good length because … Continue reading

Sally Hansen’s Nail Effects

This time I tried the gold glitter color. As usual, I love them. I also started using Orly’s Won’t Chip top coat over it and my manicure has lasted 7 days without a chip.

5 Minute Manicure: Patterned Nails

This is a super short continuation of my previous post. Last week I used Sally Hansen’s Nail Effects to do my nails and I loved it! Unfortunately, they started chipping around day 5 because  was doing a ton of manual labor, packing boxes , etc.  But this week I tried a patterned nail. I was … Continue reading

Flawless 5 Minute Manicure

Yesterday while watching the game I was super bored so my friend and I walked across the street to CVS to get a few things to entertain ourselves. While flipping through a magazine, I saw an ad for Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects nail polish strips. Basically, they are nail polish “stickers” (I use that term … Continue reading

Fall Nail Trends

Usually with the fall clothing trends come the nail trends . Here are the big  nail colors for the fall. Purple I really like a deep color purple that almost looks black. I think its so cute when the purple shimmer catches the light. Taupe & Chocolate Its hard to find a good taupe that … Continue reading