Fall skin and hair care tips

In the fall do you notice your skin starts to change? My skin is strange, it’s part oily and part dry and in the fall my oily skin gets dry and my dry skin gets dryer. The key to protecting your skin in the fall is moisture, moisture, moisture! I recently switched from using Vaseline’s … Continue reading

Natural Skin Care Spot Treatments

I recently switched from proactive to the oil cleansing method (OCM) about a month ago. If you want to learn more about my OCM routine click here. Everything was going great, until *cue scary music* my chin started breaking out. I have very stubborn, acne prone skin and when I say break out I don’t … Continue reading

Natural Skin Care: Day 1

Since November when I did the big chop and got off the hair crack perms, my hair has responded so well. Better than I expected. Its grown from  and inch or 2 … to a pretty decent length in only 9 months. I think it has a lot to do with me using all natural products. I’ve been testing out all different kinds of hair products and … Continue reading