Hair Experiment: Box Braids

I really wanted to change my look so I decided to do something completely different, box braids. I was going for a Solange inspired look… I wanted mine to be a little thinner than that, but I love this ethnic, boho look. Just in case you were wondering, the difference between box braids and micro … Continue reading

Lace Front Wig Tutorial

So, I purchased a new wig! Yay! It’s a lace front from the black owned beauty supply called Beauty For You here in Dallas (well, Grand Prairie) and the store owner, Charmaine hooked me up. Here is a pic of me and Charmaine at the store As I was browsing her selection of wigs, I was telling … Continue reading

Healthy Foods That Support Hair Growth

Did you know that what you eat also affects your hair growth? We all know about building healthy hair regimens, using natural products, etc. But healthy hair starts on the inside, at the cellular level. Your body needs to be functioning properly to produce healthy  hair.  Exercise  helps with growing healthy hair because it helps … Continue reading

Hair Formula 37 Follow Up

A month ago, I decided to veer from my usually hair vitamin, B complex, to try something called Hair Formula 37. On the site it claimed to help your hair grow 2 times faster. Plus, my friend said she tried it and it worked really well for her. I was sold! I ordered a one … Continue reading

Vacation Hair Care

If you’re anything like me, when you’re on vacation your hair is the last thing you want to worry about. In the past, when I had a relaxer, I would usually get a sew in before I left for vacation especially if I was going to be in the water. The is nothing worse then … Continue reading

Rihanna’s Red Hair Evolution

Sorry for my sporadic posts as of late. I’ve just been really busy, but I’m going to do better y’all. So I know by now you’ve seen those pics of Rihanna with the crazy curly hair. Just in case you missed it…. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of feeling it. In a music … Continue reading

Bad hair day quick fixes

I’m sure you’ve had a bad hair day before right? Either you tried something new and it just didn’t work out, you fell asleep and forgot to wrap, re-twist or tie up your hair, or you had “one of those nights”…y’all know…You wake up in the morning, trying to get dressed and your hair is … Continue reading

One year of hair natural hair growth

Yesterday I oddly got the urge to straighten my hair. Its been almost a year since I straightened it last. Here is my natural hair journey over the past year. This was a few days after the big chop, December 2009. It’s gelled down so it looks a lot shorter than it is, but was … Continue reading

Steps to growing long hair

I’ve been reading Grow it! by Chicoro and that book has altered my hair care regimen for the better. Without giving away all of the contents of the book, here are the three key things the book has taught me. 1. Handle your hair gently The key to long hair growth is to care for … Continue reading

Fall skin and hair care tips

In the fall do you notice your skin starts to change? My skin is strange, it’s part oily and part dry and in the fall my oily skin gets dry and my dry skin gets dryer. The key to protecting your skin in the fall is moisture, moisture, moisture! I recently switched from using Vaseline’s … Continue reading