Trip to MAC

So I took a quick trip to MAC yesterday to get some new lipstick for free! If you didnt know, MAC gives you a free lipstick if you bring in 6 empty MAC containers, I had 12. Yea, I’m a MAC junkie. I wanted a bright pink and an orangy coral color. I tested out … Continue reading

Harper’s Baazar Fashion Editorial

  Fashion Gone Rogue is one of my favorite blogs. They post the latest fashion editorials which is my favorite part of looking in a magazine! Here is the latest editorial for Harper’s Baazar Singapore. Call Me Irresistible – A beauty story full of color and seduction, photographer Zhang Jingna captures the spring trends of … Continue reading

Fabulous Eyebrows for $4

I usually get my eyebrows threaded every three to four weeks. Heena’s (on Beltline and 75) is the BEST PLACE IN DALLAS to get your eyebrows threaded. Some people ask me why I get my eyebrows threaded instead of waxed. It’s because when I get them waxed I get light colored boxes around my eyes … Continue reading

20 lipstick shades for $5

I’m sure the title caught your eye. But, no seriously, I’m going to tell you the easiest/best way to try lipstick shades without spending a fortune! All you do is take your existing lip sticks, most women have a shade of : Red Pink Clear Lip Gloss Use a lip gloss with a thick consistency. … Continue reading

Fall 2010 Make Up Trends

As I am deciding/shopping for my new fall wardrobe (that I still can’t wear here in Dallas because it’s almost September and still 95+ degrees, damn you Texas) I was wondering what am I going to do with my makeup? I try and incorporate a few new makeup items each season to change it up. … Continue reading