DIY Acrylic Nails with Colored Acrylic Powder

This is my second attempt at doing my own acrylic. Since last time I had such a hard time painting, I opted for some colored acrylic powder this time. Here is what I used. I’ve been doing my nails so much I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. My nail box has enough crap in there … Continue reading

National Thirft Store Day!

Today is national thrift store day! And y’all KNOW how much I love the thrift store!  Check out some of my past posts here and here on thrifting and living as a fashionista on a budget. Also check out the article below from the Huffington Post Start your money-saving engines. Today is National Thrift Store … Continue reading

Add Some Va Va Voom to Your Look a la the Movie Burlesque

My current obsession right now it the movie Burlesque starring Christina  Aguilera. Since lovely BF abandoned me on Friday night ( Ok, he really didnt, his best friend came in town and they hung out) and I didnt really feel like going out and my friends occupied with their BF’s, I decided to rent a movie. … Continue reading

DIY Acrylic Nails

In an effort to be more budget conscious, I gave up my long standing (12 years to be exact) relationship with the nail shop. I would visit the shop religiously to make sure I got my ‘nails did’. But, when I graduated from college and started paying bills, saving, building a business, investing, etc. I … Continue reading

Working Out in the Heat

If you train for triathlon’s or hate working out in the gym all of the time, it’s inevitable that you will have to work out outside. With temperatures getting hotter with each passing day (especially here in Texas) ,you have to take a few precautions to avoid hurting yourself. 1. Acclimate to the heat Start … Continue reading

Barney Frank, Let Me Be Your Stylist…

As I was watching my nightly news round-up, I flipped to MSNBC to watch Lawrence O’Donnell talk about the debt debate, the piece of crap bill the house passed yesterday, etc. when one of my favorites, Democratic Congressman Barney Frank came on to give his two cents. I love Barney Frank because he speaks his … Continue reading

The Real H&M Dallas Store Opens August 18

H&M teased us long enough with their stupid, sucky pop up store in Northpark. I mean seriously, WTF was that? There were only good clothes there the first week. Anyways, the REAL store opens on August 18 at noon! I’m super excited! And it gets better… In celebration of opening day, H&M at the NorthPark … Continue reading

Stop Looking Like a Hobo…

Stop looking like …. Who did it and what for Winny fufu  (a term my BFF made up) A bum Or just plain bad… I know that life sometimes gets really stressful and the last thing on your mind is looking cute, but when you look better you feel better. Period. And it doesn’t take … Continue reading

Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

Does it take you forever to get ready for work in the morning? Do you wish you could be one of those people who can roll out of bed and look fabulous? You can. I haven’t always been the best at this, but lately it takes me 20 minutes flat to get ready in the … Continue reading

Fashion on a Budget

Love to shop, but have no $$? Unfortunately this is a harsh ( I use this word lightly) reality for a growing number of women. When the economy took a dive so did the majority of consumers’ discretionary spending budgets. Honestly, when you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay all of the … Continue reading